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Fingerspelling Basics

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This is for students who need an introduction to basic fingerspelling techniques.  The course emphasis is to develop practical receptive and expressive skills for fingerspelling words and numbers in context.



Course Goals

  1. Establish foundation skills that will enable accurate and appropriate fingerspelling as the student's overall skill grows. 
  2. Understand the concept of fingerspelling in context.
  3. Develop receptive skills to acquire fingerspelled words in the context of phrases and short stories. 
  4. Develop expressive skills to display fingerspelled words in the context of phrases and short stories.
  5. Introduction to methods for basic numbers display.

Class Materials 

Fingerspelling Basics Student by Missy Keast

Required Technology

 Access to an internet enabled device such as a computer, iPad, tablet, or mobile device etc. is required.  The school computer lab is a good place to start if you don't own your device.  You also need to be able to video yourself signing.


Expressive: Each module requires that you submit a video of yourself signing a short story or anecdote.  Each video is worth 10 points and is graded on your expressive skills.

Receptive: Each module requires that you watch a short story or anecdote then submit an online form with fill in the blank questions.  Each question is worth 1 point and, depending upon the story, you might have 25 answers.

90 - 100 = A

80 - 89 = B

70 - 79 = C

60 - 69 = D

59 to below = F

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Tentative Schedule

Week 1

Send me a short video of yourself.  Include at least 5 fingerspelled words and tell me about your break, family, friends, job, hobbies etc. 

Week 2

Complete modules ...

Week 3

Complete modules ...

Week ...

Complete modules ...

Week ...

Complete modules ... 

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